Summit House History

Two very significant addresses are  directly tied to the history of the Summit House Condominiums.  They are 325  Clifton Avenue and 400-410 Groveland Avenue.  Both situated at the summit of  historic Lowry Hill.  From 1905 – 1968, the Frederic W. Clifford  house, designed by famed architect,  Harry W. Jones, graced the hilltop with its front lawn extending to Groveland  Avenue, with the 325 Clifton address.

In 1966 construction began on  architect, Paul Pink’s “‘superstructures”, later to be titled The Summit House  and bear the addresses 400-410 Groveland Avenue.

In May 1967, before the IDS Tower  was built in downtown Minneapolis, the 410 tower of Summit House became one of  the new premier addresses to rent a home.  One bedroom units could be rented for  $165.  Summit House remained a rental property until the early 1980’s when it  ‘went condo’.

Another large scale, historical  event at Summit House occurred between August 2006 and February 2007- the  demolition and reconstruction of the 400 parking plaza.  This nearly one million dollar  project was necessary to resolve some structural issue found to be present in  the old plaza.

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